To achieve the best player’s performance we must understand the athlete as a COMPLEX SYSTEM made by different structures that will interact and determine the final result. The first step is to ANALYZE THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES of each individual player. For this, we kick off with a variety of assessments and tests: medical history, previous injuries, and tests such as muscle activation, mobility, strength, and body composition. We program different warm-up schemes according to the needs of each athlete. We consider this moment in particular to be a great opportunity for each athlete to work on their weaknesses towards INJURY PREVENTION. Our dedicated team focuses on developing the base of the pyramid, aiming at building STRONG AND ROBUST ATHLETES by using functional training methodologies. This base training helps us to develop the player’s MAXIMUM STRENGTH as well as the POWER needed to become stronger and faster on the court. Our approach goes from general to specific, from simple to complex. After staying with us, all athletes will be able to apply the knowledge they got from our strength training into the court in their future. In addition to all this, qualified DEVELOPMENT COACHES will work with each player individually to develop their game to the next level. This will be done throughout the entire process hand by hand with a set of NUTRITIONAL AND RECOVERY TOOLS.


Our service focuses on INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING as an element of motivation for the basketball player. In other words, our training is planned and performed individually. In order to allow this customised service, our program is offered only to a limited number of players after passing a selection process. The service is addressed to players from professional leagues and semi-professionals to amateur leagues such as EBA, LF2, U18 to U12.


The training process is based on a MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM: Physiotherapists, strength coaches, nutritionists and skill-development coaches work together towards the same goal: “Enhance the player's skills to become a better player on the court without getting injured.”


OUR TRAINING METHOD seeks integration and progression from all the athlete’s different structures. We train movements, not muscles. All exercises and drills are based on the specific movement skills of the basketball as a sport. Our experience shows that progressing from simple to complex exercises allows the athlete to learn and understand that everything we do at the gym will have an impact on the court.


The next edition of 100X100JUGADOR (100X100 player in English) will take place IN BARCELONA DURING OFFSEASON 2020 (SPECIALLY JULY). We have found this to be the best period for players to focus exclusively on taking their game to the next level. Our facilities in DUET Cotxeres and CEM Mar Bella (Barcelona) are located in front of the Mediterranean Sea and well communicated with public transport. We can also offer a range of accommodation options in Barcelona, should our players require it.





















“Our team designs solutions according

to your basketball needs as a player”




“After a few years exclusively dedicated to high performance basketball, all my efforts are now focused on the training of individual players. My vocation is to teach what I’m constantly learning while helping players to develop their maximum potential.”


Basketball coach, physical trainer and physical education teacher. BSc in Sport Science (INEF) and highest Diploma by Spanish Basketball Federation. Experience in LF1 and Euroleague women. Champion of LF1 and Supercup.


“Each workout, each exercise, each set, each repetition is a challenge and opportunity to be better. The player is the centre and is me, as strength coach in team sports, who must individualize training in order to reduce the incidence of injuries and improve their performance. My methodology is based on training through the specific movements of the sport. More fun, more applied, better results.”
Strength and Conditioning Coach. Bsc in Sport Sciences (INEFC), MSc High Performance in Team sports (INEFC), MSc High Performance (RETAN-INEFC), NSCA CSCS  & CPT.  Former Purdue Intern and experience at men’s LEB Silver, Women’s LF1/2 & FCBarcelona Rugby.


“Physiotherapy is science and research; intuition and experience; and it needs to be adapted to the specific context of each player. Cutting edge physiotherapy methods entail a good evaluation and clinical reasoning, great skills in manual therapy and an appropriate planning and design of the exercises. Physiotherapy is not only the treatment of the injured; it is also to identify any neuromusculoskeletal deficit that might affect the player’s performance. Physiotherapy is teamwork to compete and win.”


Physiotherapist. BSc Physiotherapy (UAB) and MSc in Osteopathy (EOB). Director SUMMUM Salut. Physiotherapist of CBPrat LEB, Tunisia NT and ACB/NBA players.


The athlete’s success lies in training, resting and a good nutrition. We aim to improve the overall player’s performance by planning and adjusting our nutritional approach to the player’s physiological and sporting needs while preventing pathological conditions and/or muscle injuries”.


Dietist. BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (UB). Msc in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sports (UB). Kinantropometrist ISAK level 1. Experience working with professional players.


“My passion as a basketball coach arises from the intrinsic challenges of competing, from what I'm learning from basketball as a game and from the players themselves. They are the main protagonists. As a coach, I understand the player’s performance as a complex structure that must be addressed by integrating different perspectives. Like our players, We enjoy the demands of the process, we learn from our mistakes and we are obsessed with improving”.


Basketball coach and physical trainer. BSc in Sport Science (UPF), highest Diploma by Spanish Basketball Federation. Experience & championships as basketball coach in Spain, Asia and Mexico. Manager of 100X100 Jugador.


"Passionate about sport and the physical preparation of basketball players. The player is the protagonist and my function is to help him optimize his performance and prevent injuries. Humility and work is what I ask of my players. Nobody gives anything and work 100x100 every day is the way. "

Graduated CAFyD (INEF), Master RETAN (INEF) and experience in LF1, LF2, EBA and training of young players.


"I have been training for more than 10 years and this experience allows me to affirm that the improvement comes from perseverance, repetition and tenacity. I am looking for growth from challenges that involve both physical and mental effort so that the player becomes stronger and generates habits. As athletes it is essential to believe in what we do to collect the success we have worked for".

Senior coach with experience in the EBA League, experience in highest level in Catalonia U18 to u14 teams. Currently General manager of Jac Sants.










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